A Lot Happened Yesterday!

Where has time gone? Yesterday my eldest child turned 27 years old. Since we had a party for him a few days ago, Jennifer had him all to herself on his birthday. After just 2 years of marriage, she know him well. She took him to the USS Midway to see the aircraft carrier and all it's planes.

Also yesterday, Megan (my baby girl - Princess Alohalani) got her braces off. Shoot, I remember when she had the spacers first put in and the number of Aspirin she had to take to kill the pain. So completes the trilogy of all three kids having braces ... (quadrology (?) if you count Millie having had braces, too).

Again - also yesterday I started teaching my new classes, (Pre-Algebra, Science, Creative Writing, and Muscle (remedial) Math). I also teach a guitar class on Fridays for middle schoolers and high schoolers. Starting February 6th, I will be teaching guitar at Cuyamaca College, as well.

Did I mention that it rained all day yesterday? Now, if you are from Hawaii or the Northwest I know that doesn't seem like much. but for San Diego, it was like a monsoon.

Until Next Time...


Brian T. Bearchell