Happy New Year!

Ready for another year? While I am not excited about another year gone by, I am excited about being alive, healthy, and in the center of God's will.

Bear and Zachery are both doing great, Millie and Megan are both awesome. I am so blessed!

Since we have moved to San Diego we have had to put our complete trust in God. One thing we have learned is that He knows what he is doing and He has proven his love to us.

The biggest lesson I've learned this year? Trust in God and He will take care of your needs!
I know that may sound cliche, but it is something that has been proven to me. God has helped us take care of even our basic needs; food, jobs, health, and a church family. We have no more corporation saying, "Don't worry about a thing. We'll take care of you...as long as you stay with us." Instead, we now have God saying, "Trust in me, in all your ways, and enjoy the life I lead you in."

This next year is going to be awesome! See you in it.