The Book Within Me

I love to write. So much so, I make my own pens now.
I have challenged myself to write a book. For the last year, I have been filling spiral notebooks with the life and adventures of Kate James and Devin Slater.
They were very close friends throughout high school. Devin could never get up enough nerve to ask her out on a date, though. Life changed for the both of them, as they grew apart while studying in college. Kate marries a popular athlete and finds out that he is not as nice an individual as she thought he was. Through a series of events, (including a botched robbery that became a murder), Kate finds herself running from Jack, and his friends.
While hiding on Shaw Island in the San Juan Islands, Kate is forced to re-discover her talent for painting pictures on driftwood to make a living. Could the recognition she is getting for her unique form of art be her undoing?
After writing a successful book on the history of the WA State Ferry System, Devin, has opted to live the life of a freelance writer in the Northwest.
The book includes life, love, murder, suspense and surprise.
Now if I could just finish it off ...