Some Traditions....

Some traditions seem odd in the eyes of the outsiders. On of ours ... Christmas Eve at Denny's. As my ever-so-brilliant daughter has reminded me, "It is the one 'constant in a series of variables." How true that is!

Having been in The Salvation Army for 25 years and now in education, we have lived in many different places. Alaska, Hawaii, Nevada, California, Washington... and our responsibilities to the effort of both, Millie and me right up until the wee hours of Christmas Eve. Who has time to cook? Instead, our tradition has become to go look at the lights (or the boats when living by the water), then chill out at Denny's Restaurant.

We love "family", and this is one time when we are able to get away from the busyness of the season and just relax together.
If you think that tradition is weird, you should hear about the latest pool we all were involved in: "What color of sweats will grandpa show up in?" I think Bear won that one. Gramps showed up in Maroon.